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As the owners of a precision grinding shop, we are used to work with accuracy in the range of one thousandth millimeters for different economy branches. When resharpening cooking knives for gastronomy work, we handle expensive knives showing signs of of rough fractures on the blade.

So we went searching for the perfect steel. We found it at the steel producer of the US-military, who produces powdermetallurgical steels with a wear resistance that has never been achieved before.
More about the steel for our knives

Our experiences in medical technology proved useful. There we optimized the structure and hardness of the steel we use for months to cut fine bristles. We achieved cutting results that went from 300 cuts per knife to 10.000 cute per knife. We transferred these results to our LOLEX knife, which now has a unique endurance.

This makes it possible for us to provide a generation-guarantee for the blade of our LOLEX knives that lasts 25 years. Enhanced with european woods, sustainably farmed and carefully processed by hand with a modern, timeless design in limited editions and small series. The crafting of our LOLEX knives combines modern CNC-methods with traditional craftsmanship.


In use, the LOLEX cooking knife shines through easy, safe handling, a perfect balance and excellent cutting characteristics.

Thanks to well thought-out ergonomics the handle lies perfectly in your hand, the blade glides easily through the cutting object.

The beautifully shaped handles are made out of massive wood and seamlessly made by hand. They are made from selected european types of wood like smoked oak, pear or olive.


The higher the standard of a kitchen, the more gets chopped, cut, separated, sliced, positioned, carved and filleted. No other cooking tool is as versatile as the big cooking knife. In the skilled hand it becomes an all-rounder that is perfectly fit for most tasks for left- and right-handed people.

Premium materials, expertly combined and perfectly forged, cleverly sharpened – that’s what makes a high-class cooking knife such as LOLEX.

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